The rules of Japan Minecraft PvP

If you are a player who performed an action against the rules,
you will be punished by a server staff according to your crime.
This will happen regardless to whether you have read the rules or not.
By joining this server you agree with the rules outlined below.
Any player is permitted to play on this server regardless to if you were banned in another server.

Punished Actions

  • To team up with an opponent when in individual teams.
  • To help or disturb other players while in spectator mode.
  • To cheat by using the servers lag or bugs.
  • To mentally abuse an individual or an group.
  • An action which is purpose is to create lag.
  • An action that is obviously a disadvantage to your team mates.
  • To collect resources or to kill yourself for no particular reason.

Prohibited Actions

  • Exemplifying Pornogrphy in any-way.
  • Mods which can movements not possible is vanilla such as Smart Moving.
  • Hacked or Cheat Clients are not allowed, such as x-ray or flyhacks.
  • To spam or advertise using chat.
  • Using other than the allowed Mods or external tools.
  • False factual claims are not allowed at the UnBan Request.
  • Logging out or an illegal action intended to change the score.


Violation of any of the rules listed above will result in punishment by a member of the server staff.
Some punishments will be in warning stages ,but there can become a permanent ban without a warning.
The stage of the punishment levels are as the following.

Punishments Stages

Punishments Stages Punishment overview
Warn You will receive Black [*] on the front of your name. Advised to read rule one more time.
Kick You will be forcibly disconnected from the server once, but can reconnect again.
Temporary BAN Immediately disconnected from the server. You will be unable to reconnect for a certain period of time.
Permanent BAN Immediately disconnected from the server. You will be unable to reconnect for an indefinite period of time.

Public Punishment

Players who receives punishments will get a black [*] in front of their user names.
The number of [*] will increase according to punishment stage.

Reduction of Punishment Stage

The stage of punishment for a given player will be reduced automatically over a certain amount of play time.
This is excluded for indefinite BANs.

Appeal Punishment

If you do not accept the level of punishment you received you can use our Unban Request forum to appeal.
You will be required to login with your account or register to do so.
When posting an appeal, please include your In Game Name, Punishment Stage received,
and at least one reason why you disagree with the Punishment Stage you received.